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Photo Jewels Photography

Julie Syvrud
Photo Jewels Photography
Rockwall, TX

I am a family, child, and high school senior portrait photographer in Rockwall, TX, and have been in business since 2008.  My favorite shoots are one-on-one sessions, where it’s just me and the subject, no matter the age.  After a busy spring shooting for my clients, this particular session was something I envisioned and wanted to create – just for me.   Even though I have three boys of my own, at the time we did not have a dog.  I did a model call, because I was dying to do a session with a child and a big, loveable dog!  I wanted this story to be told through natural imagery that allowed the true relationship to come through.  To me, the connection between a child and his dog is such a pure and unconditional love, and a story worth telling.  Five year old Cooper and his black Lab, Drake, were perfect subjects at this rustic, natural outdoor location.  The results were just what I was hoping for and it has quickly become one of my favorite shoots to date.

cooperdrake_L&L_1 cooperdrake_L&L_02_redo cooperdrake_L&L_3 cooperdrake_L&L_4 cooperdrake_L&L_5 cooperdrake_L&L_6 cooperdrake_L&L_7 cooperdrake_L&L_08_redo cooperdrake_L&L_9 cooperdrake_L&L_10 cooperdrake_L&L_11 cooperdrake_L&L_12 cooperdrake_L&L_13 cooperdrake_L&L_14 cooperdrake_L&L_15_redo cooperdrake_L&L_16 cooperdrake_L&L_17 cooperdrake_L&L_18 cooperdrake_L&L_19 cooperdrake_L&L_20 cooperdrake_L&L_21 cooperdrake_L&L_22 cooperdrake_L&L_23 cooperdrake_L&L_24 cooperdrake_L&L_25 cooperdrake_L&L_26 cooperdrake_L&L_27 cooperdrake_L&L_28 cooperdrake_L&L_29

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