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Pearl & Twig Photography

April Allison
Pearl & Twig Photography
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

I see photographs as echoes of beautiful, present moments. This is especially true when photographing new babies! Their essence is so fleeting that only a photograph can even come close to emulating and immortalizing those strong feelings and moments. I attempt to capture authentic love and connection so that years from now the mom will see these images and smell the lilacs, feel the warmth of the sun, and the smooth touch of the new baby in her arms. Fuzzy memories are all we have in this life, so why not help round them out and give them new life with beautiful art?

This session worked out beautifully since the weather was gorgeous, the lilacs were blooming, and we were able to go outside (which doesn’t always happen for us here in northern Alberta!).

April lives and works in Grande Prairie, Alberta. She has strong roots to the area and loves spending time in nature. She is a ‘momtographer’ and is always photographing her own child and family. She loves connecting and supporting other local momtographers.

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