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Olya Vitulli Photography | New York, New York

Olya Vitulli
Olya Vitulli Photography
New York, New York

For this newborn session, we chose Meagan and David’s quiet and serene bedroom. Knowing that David’s military assignment would soon take the new family overseas, Meagan and David wanted to remember the place where they spent time getting to know and taking care of their little girl during her first few weeks of life. Gentle afternoon light settled across the white linens of the bed, illuminating the beautiful family. Most of the session was captured on Black & White film for its elegance, timeless quality and charm. Ilford Delta 3200 film was chosen for its soft shades and delicate grain.

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. As a young girl, I would spend hours with my grandfather sitting in a small homemade darkroom, anxiously waiting for the images to magically appear on a once blank sheet of paper. I am inspired by the soft glowing quality of natural light, neutral color palette, organic textures and the genuine human connection. Photography allows me to encapsulate the most treasured yet fleeing moments, creating tangible art work for families to treasure for generations to come. I aspire to create images that are delicate, elegant and timeless – evoking authentic emotion. My primary medium for photography is film. I adore its timelessness and charm. To me, film has a unique way of capturing the depth of light and color.

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