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Novel Hill Studio

Brandon Smith
Novel Hill Studio
San Luis Obispo, CA

With my business, I like to do things a little differently. The most important goal I set when photographing for my clients is making sure that I tell their story in a beautiful way. Part of the way I keep on track with this is removing the words “Engagement Session” from my business, because it’s too corporate-sounding to me. Instead I call these sessions “Prologue.”

This is the beginning of Anna & Ryan’s story. They had their second date atop Terrace Hill in San Luis Obispo, where they tried to stargaze but instead lay there on the grass til late into the night, because the sky was filled with clouds. On this same hill, which is where we ended their Prologue, she proposed to him last year. For their session, Anna wore her favorite black vintage dress and Ryan donned his combat boots that he wore while on tour in Iraq. We spent much of the time photographing outside San Luis Obispo’s abandoned insane asylum; it made for a fantastic backdrop to their attire and helped to reiterate their love for the old-fashioned. Anna & Ryan have amazing chemistry between them and their love is apparent in their every step. I can’t wait to photograph their Victorian-inspired wedding this September!

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