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Nostalgic Senior Session

Kristen Lenox
K. Lenox Photography
West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Maya is a high school senior who just graduated with the class of 2018. She chose to have her senior session just days before she actually graduated. The fun part- is the location. We shot this session at the Waldorf Nursery school in Keene NH- which is where Maya first attended school all those years prior.

On the grounds- there were nostalgic pieces that reminded her of her time at the school. For example- flowers that Maya and her mom planted are still growing to this day, and a little wooden bridge still sits under the big willow tree, where Maya played all the time.

As for the creative process, I feed a lot off of my seniors. I like to get a feel for who they are and try to bring that out in every session. Often times with the girls I work with, they are self conscious about one thing or another. I truly try to embrace everyone’s own quirks with a fresh twist. So that every girl that walks away from a session with me feels inspired and beautiful. Inside and out. With Maya- she is a quiet girl – so I warmed up with her a little bit. I tend to act goofy so the girls can feel comfortable to just let go and enjoy the process. It’s so fun to see when it happens!

We had a little rain during her session- but only a drizzle… we just kept on shooting!

Hello! My name is Kris Lenox and I specialize in high school seniors and wedding photography. My style embraces natural and authentic posing, with hopes that each person begins to see themselves as beautiful as the world sees them. I make it a goal in every session to have the client walk away feeling like the rock star that I know they are. I have a light and airy film inspired editing style, which screams fun and fresh!

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