29 Newborn Photoshoot Ideas At Home

Bringing your newborn home from the hospital is always an exciting experience – it is the start of some life-changing events.

During this period, a trip to the photo studio to capture your little bundle of joy may not be on the cards, especially for first-time parents who are still learning the ropes of parenthood.

29 Newborn Photoshoot Ideas At Home

However, don’t worry, you can still capture these precious moments all in the comfort of your home.

When it comes to baby photography, it can be a tricky business since babies aren’t always to most cooperative models.

That said, with the help of this article, you’re sure to find tons of newborn photoshoot ideas (see also: Best Friend Photoshoot Ideas)with plenty of tips and tricks dotted throughout to provide you with amazing results.

With this in mind, this article will outline 30 newborn photoshoot ideas that don’t require you to set foot outdoors (see also: Photoshoot Ideas For Men (For Outdoors And Indoors))– perfect for busy parents.

1. All The Little Things

One of the first things you notice when you bring your newborn home is how small they are!

Therefore, make sure to capture those little hands, little feet, and little everything! They won’t stay little for long so capture these special moments to keep forever.

2. Use Natural Light

For your newborn photoshoot, your best asset is the use of natural lighting. When indoors, simply set up your backdrop by a window.

Here, choose a time of day when there is enough light coming through the windows but not shining directly inside.

3. Don’t Shoot After 10 Days

The first 10 days are the best period to take your newborn pictures. This is because later newborns tend to be more restless when sleeping.

While all babies sleep differently, it is generally recommended to get your photos done within the first 2 weeks when your baby sleeps more peacefully and responds easily to posing.

4. All Wrapped Up

Upon leaving the hospital, your newborn will spend most of their time wrapped up in blankets. This keeps them warm and safe from the elements.

Swaddling your newborn with their face peeking out makes for a fabulous photograph.

5. A Beloved Toy

As an adult, you may still have a precious toy from your childhood. Here, a baby’s toy can make a great prop.

This will make for a meaningful photograph in the years to come – since the photo captures your little one and their first best friend.

6. Capture From The Top

Changing perspective is a useful technique in photography – changing the ways in which you view and see your baby and making their big eyes the focal point.

While this pose won’t work for newborns, it can be a sweet photograph for when your baby is old enough to hold their head.

Additionally, you could also opt for propping them up against a pillow if they are too young.

7. Take Your Time

The beauty of taking your photographs at home is that you have practically all the time in the world to get the perfect picture.

Typically, a professional photographer will take around 3-4 hours to produce amazing results. This may extend to parents looking to DIY their own photoshoots.

Here, don’t worry, and take your time. If something goes wrong – i.e. the natural lighting isn’t cooperating or your baby is particularly cranky – just start again the next day.

8. In The Father’s Arms

A natural moment between father and newborn is a beautiful memory to capture.

Here, you’ll want to allow the father to hold the baby close. You don’t need much direction, just allow them to relax to take a natural photograph.

The result should be a natural, candid, and intimate moment.

9. Interacting With Toys

One great photo session is your little one interacting with toys. For a more dramatic shot, take the photograph from a high angle.

10. Make Them Laugh

One of the best sounds in the world is a child’s laugh – this can be translated into a special photograph. Here, make some funny sounds or facial expressions to incite laughter.

As parents, you’re sure to have tons of techniques to get a giggle out of your child. Therefore, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

When it comes to newborns, it’s virtually impossible to make them laugh. Instead, if you’re lucky, you can get some facial expressions that resemble a smile – so make sure you have your camera ready!

11. Think About Newborn Safety

If you’re performing complicated newborn poses and using a range of props, make sure you have someone else to keep an eye on the baby at all times.

Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that the baby is comfortable and their head is completely supported at all times.

12. Face-To-Face

If you’re looking to capture another natural moment, then this is a beautiful newborn photo idea. Here, you and your newborn are face-to-face.

The result is a photograph where you can truly feel the connection between parent and child. If your baby is awake then it makes for a great picture!

Even if your newborn is sleeping it makes for a gorgeous moment. For some added tenderness, the parents can sing or whisper to the child.

13. Matching Outfits

There is nothing cuter than a family photo featuring matching outfits.

Not only is this incredibly effective but it is affordable, too.

14. Sibling Love

If your newborn has any older siblings, you can invite them to be a part of the photoshoot. However, the poses are extremely dependent on the sibling’s age.

For instance, if their sibling isn’t yet strong enough to hold a newborn, then you can first place the baby on the bed and have their sibling lying by their side.

Alternatively, if they are a bit older, you can place the newborn on their lap and have them kiss or hug their sibling.

15. Make Sure They Are Warm

After making sure your baby isn’t hungry, you’ll want to ensure they are warm enough, too.

Here, make sure the space you’re placing your newborn is comfortable – you won’t be able to get the poses you desire if the air conditioning is on.

Even if the weather is hot outside, you’ll want the inside temperature to be optimal.

16. Focus On The Hands

You’ll find many different poses when it comes to baby’s hands – and feet for that matter! They are just so delicate and small that they draw attention.

This example is an easy shot that can be achieved in a range of locations. Plus, you can use a shallow depth of field for a more concentrated image.

17. With Family

Some of the most beautiful images you can capture of a newborn are the ones that include family.

If you have a photographer, then this can be easily achieved. If not, you can use a camera and a tripod to achieve some stunning pictures.

18. Be Mindful Of Props

After approximately three years of age, your baby will start to grab hold of objects – which often end up in their mouth!

As such, you’ll never want to surround your baby with toxic or objects small enough to be swallowed.

Remember, safety should always come first in your photoshoots.

19. Find Cute Props

When it comes to photographing newborns, you don’t always have to worry about purchasing the most expensive props.

Here, you can experiment and look for adorable probs that are just as affordable. Make the most of beanies, soft fabrics, bands, baskets, cute costumes, and blankets.

For all kinds of newborn photography, a cotton towel makes for the perfect background. Just make sure the materials and accessories you’re choosing do not harm your baby.

20. Hand Comparison

A hand comparison photograph is the perfect way to show just how small your baby’s hands are.

Here, you can put the newborn’s hands in the hands of their parents. The difference in size emphasizes the fragility of the small fingers.

It is one of those pictures that are perfect to reflect one and show how much time has passed.

21. In Front Of A Sunset Window

Golden Hour is magical for many reasons. It fills a room with comforting, warm, and golden light – it also makes a dramatic backdrop, too.

You can take advantage of this beautiful time of day by taking a picture of you and your newborn in front of the window.

22. Get Candid

Some of the best pictures are the ones that are the most natural.

Any parent can vouch that their little ones are angels when asleep; however, it is a whole new story when they are awake – things can get messy quickly!

These things are sure to come up in your newborn photoshoots, too – just be prepared to capture them on camera!

23. Keep A Clean And Stable Camera

Firstly, you’ll have to make sure the lens is stained and completely clean.

You’ll want to do the same thing for a smartphone camera, too.

When it comes to cleaning the camera, you can simply do so with a swaddle. Once finished, you’re reading to capture your photos.

Here, catch your breath and snap the moment. Here, catching your breath prevents a shaky shot.

24. All Three Hands

A lot of newborn photography incorporates the hands of both parents and child – which makes for a touching moment.

Having all the hands together symbolizes the parents working together to nurture their newborn.

25. Nose-To-Nose

Give your newborn an Eskimo kiss! This nose-to-nose pose makes for an incredibly cute picture.

26. Burst Mode

Sometimes the best way to achieve the winning shot is by having your camera on burst mode. Once you have captured all your images, it is easy to go through them and choose your favorite.

For instance, when your newborn is just waking up, you can capture a big stretch and yawn which makes for an adorable picture.

27. Baby Feet In Adult Hands

For a heartwarming picture, place your newborn’s feet in adult hands. The contract between sizes shows just how small your baby is.

28. Sleeping Close-Up

When taking your picture, it is more likely that your baby will be asleep rather than awake. That said, even when they are napping, you can get some great close-up shots.

29. Resting In Hands

Another great way of showing just how small your newborn is is by taking a picture of holding them in your hands.

Final Thoughts

Bringing your newborn home for the first time is an exciting experience. So much so that you may be looking to capture these precious moments before they slip away.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with 30 different poses to take with your newborn.

Laura McNeill
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