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Morgan Coombs Photography

Morgan Coombs
Morgan Coombs Photography
New Albany, MS

I am a studio and on-location photographer from north Mississippi.  I have been in business for a little over two years now and I’m also an Emergency Room nurse.  I’m a wife and mom to five kids, including two sets of twins!  As a child, I spent my whole allowance most weeks on disposable cameras and developing the film. I took thousand of pictures when my first son was born and it ignited a passion!  My favorite subjects are children.  This is my son, Aidan, at my parent’s farm.  Aidan is 7 years old and loves hanging out with my father and helping out around the farm.  Maybe he will be a farmer someday.

  1. Nany

    Love this session! Wonderful creativity!

  2. Morgan! This is fantastic! So glad your images are getting the attention they deserve. Congrats, girlfriend!

  3. These are adorable!!! Love his outfit and all the pretty colors! And Morgan, I spent a day in New Albany with my photography class back in college just shooting the downtown area. Small world!

  4. i just moved to the country. i am starting to really appreciate all things farm/country as we’ve watched the changes of our surrounding over the past 6 months. awesome session!

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