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Monique Serra Photography

Monique Serra
Monique Serra Photography
Eugene, OR

This shoot was so exciting for me because it was the first time in quite a while that I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and just create, without a definitive idea or plan. My only goal was to push myself. I am a natural light photographer and I absolutely thrive on my surroundings. I love noticing random spots on the side of the road that so many others would just drive by without appreciating! I am typically a photographer who shoots all back light, but for this session I really wanted to push myself to try new things, both behind the camera and in my post-processing. I am so thankful for my good friend Alex, my model (who is actually my hair dresser!), for being so trusting and willing to explore and experiment with me. She has never modeled before, but I knew she would be perfect for this! I really tried to utilize color, light, and contrast for this shoot in order to create images that were a bit more bold and vibrant. I am so grateful as an artist to get opportunities to just SHOOT and learn and grow and experiment! I fall in love with photography more and more everyday!

MoniqueSerraPhotography1 MoniqueSerraPhotography2 MoniqueSerraPhotography3 MoniqueSerraPhotography4 MoniqueSerraPhotography5 MoniqueSerraPhotography6 MoniqueSerraPhotography7 MoniqueSerraPhotography8 MoniqueSerraPhotography9 MoniqueSerraPhotography10 MoniqueSerraPhotography11 MoniqueSerraPhotography12 MoniqueSerraPhotography13 MoniqueSerraPhotography14 MoniqueSerraPhotography15 MoniqueSerraPhotography16 MoniqueSerraPhotography17 MoniqueSerraPhotography18 MoniqueSerraPhotography19 MoniqueSerraPhotography20

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