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Miranda L. Sober Photography

Miranda Richendifer
Miranda L. Sober Photography
Fort Collins, Colorado

I am a Fort Collins photographer that specializes and lives for Lifestyle Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photography. I have a deep passion for all those perfect itsy bitsy details, the big picture, the messy, the smiles, the tears. Miranda L. Sober Photography wishes to photograph each family honestly, to document every unique story, to show a family’s undeniable affection for one another. I want to focus on what makes mama’s heart race. Much like this session here, documenting this beautiful mom (who is also a photographer, and an amazing one at that!) with her lovely babies couldn’t have been more rewarding. From the time I arrived at the doorstep to waving goodbye through my car window, they set a fire inside of me. We were monkeys jumping on the bed, scary tickle monsters, famous dancers with some pretty sweet moves. When we needed a breather, we made sure mom was there for a hug. This mother’s loving touch radiates through her children, their smiles the warmest they could be. I was even told, ‘I love you’ during this session, and that enough was clarification that this is what I was meant to do.

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