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Mesmerizing Moments

Jennifer Gentry
Mesmerizing Moments
Round Rock, TX

This adorable couple was having a simple, elegant ceremony in Austin to tie the knot and they wanted a family shoot while they were all dressed up!  So, we did an all-in-one to celebrate their special day!  A mini maternity session to show off that cute baby bump, a little family session beforehand for some great photos together, and then I captured some of their ceremony, so they could always remember their day!  They nailed it with their location, outfits, hair, and makeup.  It was very Texas and way cute!  The whole evening was beautiful, you could absolutely see their bond as they came together as one family, and their love for one another was palpable.  I was so thrilled they chose me to capture their day!

IMG_6431 IMG_6448 IMG_6454 IMG_6465 IMG_6510 IMG_6516 IMG_6525 IMG_6536 IMG_6557 IMG_6570 IMG_6572 IMG_6623 IMG_6649bw IMG_6672 IMG_6683 IMG_6742 IMG_6772 IMG_6776 IMG_6796 IMG_6826 IMG_6850 IMG_6868 IMG_6892 IMG_6923 IMG_6949 IMG_6951 IMG_7051 IMG_7099

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