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Melissa Stallings Photography

Melissa Stallings
Melissa Stallings Photography
Hertford, NC

Newborn sessions in the home make me want to curl up with my own baby and snuggle in bed all day. The Flynns invited me into their Chesapeake, VA home to photograph their sweet new addition, Elise, and the planets just aligned that day.  The light was gorgeous, mom and dad were gorgeous, and their new baby was just…gorgeous! They had just moved into their new home only weeks prior to my visit, so the walls and decor were delightfully bare, which allowed the entire visual focus to be on that sweet little love of theirs.

I am primarily a wedding photographer, but my second favorite thing to photograph in the whole wide world, hands down, are lifestyle newborn sessions like these.  Held in the family’s homes, around all the family’s comfy surroundings, with the focus not just on baby alone, but on the beautiful interaction of family admiring, experiencing, and getting to know this new little person in their lives.  That’s what having a newborn is really about and that’s what I love to document in my newborn sessions.

I am a lifestyle wedding and family photographer based in Hertford, NC and I photograph happy people. :-)

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