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Hey everyone, and welcome to My name is Laura and I am the founder of this site!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking photographs. There is nothing I love more than looking back through old pictures, and having all of the memories come flooding back.

In my free time, I have always taken pictures of whatever caught my eye. I always find beauty in everything - whether I am walking along the beach, and there’s a striking sunset, or I want to capture candid moments with my family.

Taking pictures is a creative process, and it has become an outlet for my imagination and creativity.

Laura McNeill - Founder

Laura McNeill - Founder

Taking pictures is a creative process, and it has become an outlet for my imagination and creativity.

When I was in college, I worked as part of the journalism team, where I would take pictures for our stories around campus. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went on to work in Journalism, writing stories and articles for a local newspaper.

But something was missing. I found myself going out after work, to shoot pictures at the beach, or down by the lake, capturing all manner of wildlife on my way. I knew that photography was really the heart of what I enjoyed doing.

I decided to go back to school, and learn all of the basics of photography. It is something that takes a lot of practice and theory to understand composition, and all of the other elements that make a good photograph a great one.

When I graduated from my photography course, I started doing small jobs for friends and family, like photographing a birthday party, taking family portraits or event photographs.

As time has passed, my skills have grown, and I now run my own photography business!

I offer newborn photography shoots, portrait photography, family photos, graduation photography, and product photography packages. If you want to learn about how to take professional images, and to run your own photography business, then I can help you out, here at Lemonade And Lenses.

Katie Dunn

Katie Dunn - Writer

Hey! My name is Katie, and I am a photographer and writer, here at Lemonade And Lenses. I first met Laura on a Photography Enthusiasts Facebook Group, and we discovered that we lived in the same area.

We started to meet up to go on shoots together, searching for wildlife, animals, and the perfect natural backdrops to practice photographing in all manner of weather conditions.

Nature and outdoor photography is my favorite- and Laura was kind of new to the process when we met, so we worked together to teach each other. 

She taught me all of the tips and tricks about product photography and working in a studio, whereas I taught her how to travel and take photographs in the wild!

Now, we’re like sisters, and we support one another in all of our photography endeavors.

Here at Lemonade and Lenses, that is what we want to do for you. We want to help you and support you on your photography journey, guiding you to become the best photographer that you can be!

Join us in our little community, and become a Photography Enthusiasts like us.


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