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Marisa Stone Photography | Tampa, Florida

Marisa Stone
Marisa Stone Photography
Tampa, Florida

I’ve been photographing the Russell family since sweet Charley was born. To me, being able to grow along with my clients and their beautiful families, while providing them with a timeless, tangible memory is what inspires me. When Jenna (the gorgeous mama above), contacted me to schedule her fall session, she also told me they were expecting their second baby! Her glow, and the light in her eyes is unreal, the connection between her sweet girl, and her loving husband is one that jumps through my lens and makes me eternally grateful that this is my job. Golden hour was amazing this night, but the authenticity of this family is what made this session so warm.

Above all else I am a wife and mother, after having my daughter my love for motherhood photography grew exponentially. I am a story teller and lover of emotion based imagery. I tell stories through the lens of my camera using a combination of digital and film photography. I crave authentic connection filled with passion and simplistic beauty. I believe photographs are legacy pieces passed down from generation to generation. I believe photographs are frozen slivers of time we hold in our hands, but relive in our hearts. I believe photographs deserve to be printed and provide products and prints to my clients after every session.

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