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Mandalyn Rael Photography

Mandalyn Renicker
Mandalyn Rael Photography
Chicago, IL

I believe with all my heart that daily life is beautiful. It may not always look like Pinterest, but the truest beauty is found in the everyday, and my goal is to create beautiful images of the everyday moments you want to remember forever, like this one.

When my dear friend asked me to help announce an addition to their family, I was delighted to bring to life her idea of photographing their daughter practicing for a new little sibling. Here’s the best part – big sister didn’t know she was going to be a big sister until this night! You can watch mom and dad telling her the happy news at the end of the series of photographs, and their joy is just palpable. I may have been hiding a few happy tears behind my camera – it was such an honor to be a part of this special night!

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