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Manda Renee Photography

Amanda Heberer
Manda Renee Photography
Foley, MO

I am Amanda, a newbie photographer from a little town called Foley, Missouri. I am a mom, a wife, and a woman who has loved photography her entire life.  I was at my sons football practice one day and as I was talking to another mom I noticed the cutest little freckle faced girl and knew I had to take her photos.  This is Alyssa and as it turns out, she is an aspiring model. We actually shot this session at the local park while her brother and my son were at football practice there.

DSC_9607 DSC_9609 DSC_9612 DSC_9615 DSC_9622 DSC_9623-2 DSC_9626 DSC_9628 DSC_9631 DSC_9642-1 DSC_9656 DSC_9658 DSC_9660 DSC_9675 DSC_9676 DSC_9688 DSC_9691 DSC_9698 DSC_9702 DSC_9703 DSC_9725 DSC_9729

  1. Nathalie Lopez

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Great pics!

  2. Jaime

    Wow Congrats Amanda! Thanks for taking wonderful pics of my daughter we had alot of fun doing it!!

  3. Robin Bruce

    Great pics!! Good job Amanda!

  4. Rana

    What a beautifully done session (and a gorgeous little girl).

    Nice work!

  5. Dena

    Beautiful photos! Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing what body and lens(es) you used…

  6. Dena- I used D600 and 50mm for this entire session since it was during football practice ;)

  7. Dawn

    What a beautiful little girl and these pictures are breathtaking.

  8. What an adorable idea! The photos are beautiful!

  9. Kelli Garvin

    Oh my goodness! This is awesome!

  10. Pam

    So beautiful! The eyes on her are crazy beautiful. Great job!


  12. She’s gorgeous and her eyes are stunning! Nicely done!

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