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Lux Senior Photography

Erin Neace
Lux Senior Photography
Dayton, OH

I am a natural light-only senior photographer from Dayton, Ohio. I take pictures in a fine art style and try to be organic with my posing and editing. Nothing too overdone or dramatic/unnatural. This session was my windiest to date! We had quite a time controlling Courtney’s hair. I really loved how the bright golden trees downtown added a fun pop of color into Courtney’s pictures.

Lux-Senior-Photography-01 Lux-Senior-Photography-02 Lux-Senior-Photography-03 Lux-Senior-Photography-04 Lux-Senior-Photography-05 Lux-Senior-Photography-06 Lux-Senior-Photography-07 Lux-Senior-Photography-08 Lux-Senior-Photography-09 Lux-Senior-Photography-10 Lux-Senior-Photography-11 Lux-Senior-Photography-12 Lux-Senior-Photography-13 Lux-Senior-Photography-14 Lux-Senior-Photography-15 Lux-Senior-Photography-16 Lux-Senior-Photography-17 Lux-Senior-Photography-18 Lux-Senior-Photography-19 Lux-Senior-Photography-20 Lux-Senior-Photography-21 Lux-Senior-Photography-22 Lux-Senior-Photography-23 Lux-Senior-Photography-24 Lux-Senior-Photography-25 Lux-Senior-Photography-26 Lux-Senior-Photography-27

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