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Lorie Roach Photography

Lorie Roach
Lorie Roach Photography
Buckatunna, MS

I am a photographer in rural Mississippi, and my client contacted me to get some pictures made of him and his guitar.  He mentioned that he loved anything old and vintage, so I immediately thought of shooting him at and an old building that I love close by.  We also shot at an old gas station and then headed to the railroad tracks in our small town.  There was one shot I could clearly see in my mind that I really wanted to get at the very end, and that was a silhouette image of him and his guitar against the setting sun.  We were surrounded by trees, though, and I needed a clearing so he would stand out against the sky.  We wound up hiking up the side of an overpass (through a lot of mud!) and actually shot our last picture standing very close to the edge of a four lane highway, timing the shots between cars passing us.  It totally worked, though,  and I couldn’t be happier with it.

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