The Best Locations For Architecture Photography

A city can be shaped by many things, for example, its history, people, local cultures, or simply the food scene. However, it could be argued that nothing quite defines a city more than its architecture.

The Best Locations For Architecture Photography

A city’s architecture is what it can be most recognized for around the world. The visual design of a city can capture our imaginations, transport us back in time, and give us a glimpse into what the future might look like.

For architecture photographers, different cities around the world pose a great opportunity to capture impressive and memorable photos that tell a story. 

If you love architecture photography, you’re in luck. To inspire your next architecture photography adventure, we’ve put together a list that details the best locations for architecture photography(see also: The Best Locations For Forest Photography). 

In this post, we’ll tell you about each location and what it has to offer. Let’s get started!

1. Singapore, Southeast Asia 

We’ll start our list of locations with Singapore, as it is arguably the best location in the world for architecture photography. Why, we hear you ask?

Well, Singapore is widely considered to be one of the most forward-thinking places in the world for unique, futuristic, and sustainable architecture.

The whole city-state nation, in particular, Marina Bay and Gardens by The Bay features impressive architectural masterpieces. In fact, most of the architecture found around Gardens by The Bay is a work of art.

The otherworldly Marina Bay Sands and Supertree Grove are two places you don’t want to miss.

2. Chicago, United States

The United States is blessed with a wide range of locations that are perfect for architectural photography. One of the best has to be Chicago. 

Once home to famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago has a huge variety of different architectural styles and buildings to take photos of. Some buildings date back to the 1800s and more modern pieces of architecture give us a look into the future.

In some areas of Chicago, you’ll be able to snap shots of old and new buildings in the same photo. This is a great way to blend styles and capture the past and present.

3. Beijing, China

If you’re a keen architecture photographer, there’s a very good chance you already know a lot about what Beijing has to offer. The capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing is a bustling city that has high skyscrapers and ancient masterpieces.

While the more modern parts of the city make for a great photo, it is the ancient parts of the city that will blow your mind.

Places like the Forbidden City are where you will find ancient timber buildings, while Olympic Park is the best place to take photographs of modern architecture.

With so much variety on offer, the architectural photography opportunities in Beijing are endless.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

The next location on our list is Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is a historic crossroads between design and culture. The city’s landscape displays the most stunning architecture from its two conquering empires.

Some of the best locations in the city you should visit include the mesmerizing Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Byzantine Dome, and the Ottoman minarets scattered throughout the city.

The Blue Mosque is also a location you don’t want to miss. Built-in the 15th century, this is probably the most iconic piece of architecture in Istanbul.

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you want to take photos of modern architecture, you have to visit Dubai. In the last 10 years, the Dubai landscape has changed dramatically, going from a small desert city to a modern metropolis.

Home to the tallest building in the world (Burj al Arab) and the only man-made archipelago in the world, there are thousands of photography opportunities in Dubai.

Top architects like Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid have influenced Dubai’s skyline so you can expect to be impressed.

Dubai is one of the best locations in the world for modern, skyline photography.

6. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a famous photography spot not only with architecture photographers but also with influencers and travelers.

Famous for its densely packed skyscrapers, bamboo scaffoldings, and cranes, you’ll never run out of somewhere quirky and unique to take photos in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong may be an expensive place to visit but the photos you’ll take of the concrete jungle are well worth the money. 

Some of the best photography locations to visit in Hong Kong include Choi Hung Estate, Yik Cheong Building, and Tai O Fishing Village.

7. London, United Kingdom

Next up, we have London. London is the bustling capital city of England and one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Thanks to the city’s rich history, you’ll find a huge range of excellent places to take architectural photographs during your visit.

One of the best things about this location is that you’ll be able to take photos that merge modern architecture with ancient architecture.

The city has thousands of years worth of history to explore. You’ll find old parliament buildings, modern skyscrapers, small alleyways, and busy shopping streets, all of which make for an awesome shot.

We recommend taking photographs of the Shard, Canary Wharf, the Houses of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. London is also a popular night photography location as the city lights up at night.

8. Paris, France

Paris has always been known for its impressive architecture. For thousands of years, Paris has dominated the architectural scene in Europe, with the city introducing new styles and designs throughout history. 

Today, the city’s landscape is rich with traditional buildings, iconic mansions, and infrastructure from three iconic periods.

Paris is where the milestone of architecture can be found, so you have to visit the city. The Louvre Museum, Villa Savoye, Palace of Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower are just a few of the places you need to visit.

9. Portland, United States

Portland, Oregon in the United States is one of the most underrated architectural photography locations. Although cities like Chicago and New York often steal the limelight when it comes to architectural photography, cities like Portland have a lot to offer too.

Take Portland for example. This Oregon city has the highest concentration of green buildings in America. It is also a city that features homes that have unique and vibrant designs. 

As a result, a visit to Portland gives you the chance to take photos of more unique architecture. There’s a good chance that the people you share your photos with won’t have seen anything like it before.

10. Seattle, United States

Architecture photographers in America regularly visit cities like Seattle to take photos of the beautifully crafted bungalows and landmarks.

In the early 20th century, the American Arts & Crafts movement took the Pacific Northwest by storm. This movement brought artisanal handcrafting and hardwoods to the infrastructure of the city, creating a variety of masterpieces.

Popular places for architecture photographers to take photos in Seattle include Bloss House and the Queen Anne district.

Seattle also has an iconic skyline worth checking out and taking photos of during your visit.

11. Athens, Greece

Athens is famous across the world for its historical buildings and rich history. The Acropolis in Athens is a fine example of the impressive architecture this city has to offer.

A visit to Athens is like a trip back in time. You’ll be transported into the past, where you’ll find ancient buildings, world-famous landmarks, charming alleyways, and intricately designed homes.

One of the things we love most about Athens is how it has kept most of its old-style charm. Unlike other cities on our list, Athens doesn’t have much modern architecture. Instead, everything maintains its classic and authentic appearance.

12. Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a bustling city that sits on the harbor of China. As a result of sitting on the harbor, architectural photographers are treated to undisturbed views of the city skyline, which is enormous.

This undisturbed view allows you to take the most amazing photos of the city’s biggest and most impressive skyscrapers. 

From across the harbor, you’ll be able to see most of the city and its best architecture. You could quite easily spend hours sitting in one location capturing different shots.

Final Thoughts

That concludes this post that looks at the best locations for architecture photography around the world. Our list could have gone on all day with more locations but we’ve shown you a great mix of what the world has to offer.

We’ve looked at futuristic cities, green cities, ancient cities, and so much more. No matter what sort of location you’re looking for, there’s a city on our list that you will love. 

Now you have our list of architecture photography locations (see also: The Best Locations For Waterfall Photography)at your disposal, all you have to do is decide where you’re going to visit first.

Laura McNeill
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