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Liz Robinson Photography

Liz Robinson
Liz Robinson Photography
Richland, WA

Hi, I’m Liz…a boutique style, natural light photographer specializing in child, family, and senior photography.

These lovely ladies are my 2014 senior representatives. I really couldn’t ask for a sweeter group of girls to help represent my photography this school year. This is my first year implementing a rep program, so I really wanted to start if off with a bang! My inspiration came from the early 1900s circus…not freaky circus, but a soft, romantic, and whimsical feel. I also wanted to pull out of these girls the child-like wonder that I know resides in all of us. This was definitely accomplished through the circus theme. I was actually surprised the girls were so willing to be photographed with a snake! They let that snake, Mary, wrap all around them…it was awesome! :)

Hair & Makeup by Heather Nickolaus

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