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Little Bird Photography

Heather Eijzenga
Little Bird Photography
Oahu, Hawaii

I first photographed this sweet family of three last year. They were visiting family on Oahu and we lucked out with the weather. The typically wind-ravaged coastline was calm and serene as the sun danced over the horizon. We splashed in the sunshine and shared an epically beautiful morning. They loved their images so much that they scheduled another session this year. Only this time, the weather was quite different. Salt spray assaulted us from the parking lot as we emerged from our cars. We gazed upwards to find a thick blanket of clouds stubbornly covering the sky. So much for Hawaiian sunshine. But weather matters little to a 3-year-old at the beach. She eagerly pulled us forward and we spent the evening exploring the vibrant green forest and splashing in the surf. It turned out to be another epic day.

Heather runs Little Bird Photography in Oahu, Hawaii. Her goal is to get families outside to explore and play together against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii.

h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0001 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0002 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0003 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0004 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0005 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0006 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0007 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0008 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0009 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_009b h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0010 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0011 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0012 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0013 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0014 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0015 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0016 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0017 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0018 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0019 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0020 h-eijzenga-little-bird-photography-hawaii_0021

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