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Lisa Olohan Photography

Lisa Olohan
Lisa Olohan Photography
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

When I was welcomed into their home, the smell of a wood burning fire made everything one hundred times more cozy. Beautiful, big windows all over the house let in the perfect amount of natural light for these photos – my dream! Baby Turner’s nursery had so many personalized items – the mobile, the shelves, the blankets. It was really sweet to see the effort his parents and grandparents put into it.

LOPNemecNewborn-1 LOPNemecNewborn-2 LOPNemecNewborn-3 LOPNemecNewborn-4 LOPNemecNewborn-5 LOPNemecNewborn-6 LOPNemecNewborn-7 LOPNemecNewborn-8 LOPNemecNewborn-11 LOPNemecNewborn-12 LOPNemecNewborn-13 LOPNemecNewborn-14 LOPNemecNewborn-15 LOPNemecNewborn-16 LOPNemecNewborn-17 LOPNemecNewborn-18

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