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Lindsey Jost Photography

Lindsey Jost
Lindsey Jost Photography
Austin, TX

I am a family and wedding photographer based in Austin, Texas. My favorite way to photograph kids is to not pose them at all, but just let the magic happen and this creek is a perfect place to do that! It is a beautiful location and I love the moments naturally captured as they explored through the shallow creek bed looking for frogs and minnows.

lindseyjost_0001 lindseyjost_0002 lindseyjost_0003 lindseyjost_0004 lindseyjost_0005 lindseyjost_0006 lindseyjost_0007 lindseyjost_0008 lindseyjost_0009 lindseyjost_0010 lindseyjost_0011 lindseyjost_0012 lindseyjost_0013 lindseyjost_0014 lindseyjost_0015 lindseyjost_0016

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