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Leni Moretti

Leni Moretti
Leni Moretti, Family Photographer
Berlin, Germany

I am a lifestyle family photographer based in Berlin, Germany. I capture the love and connection within families in the most authentic way possible. I aim to create emotional photographs that evoke a feeling and which will bring them back to these special moments in the years to come.

Janka and Carlos are high-school sweethearts and such a lovely couple. After an intimate pregnancy session I was honored to photograph them after the arrival of their little baby boy at their cozy home. We had a relaxed session with minimal intervention from my side. I always guide the families through the session in a very gentle way, one that makes me appear almost invisible at the same time. It was such a delight documenting this little family of three. It fills me with so much joy every time to capture the natural and authentic beauty of the moment.

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