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Lemonade & Lenses 2018 Spring Image Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the Lemonade and Lenses Spring 2018 Image Competition!!! When we took over this magazine nearly a year ago, we knew it was something special. However! We had no idea how our new ideas (and changing things, even if slowly at first) would be received. You all are such an inspiration to us, and this record-breaking competition tells us we’re heading in the right direction! Congratulations to EVERYONE who entered. Cliché we know, but everyone who entered is a winner in our eyes. It takes a crazy amount of guts to put yourself and your work out there, and we are proud of you all. We had so many first time participants, and we are elated that you chose us to submit your beautiful work to!

Without further ado, Lemonade and Lenses proudly presents the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for our 2018 Spring Image Competition in our  Newborn, Child, Senior, Wedding, Family, and NEW categories Birth, Maternity, and Boudoir below!

First Place Newborn by Kelly Lumley of Kelly Lumley Photography / Instagram /Facebook

Second Place Newborn by Mandi Johnson of Mandi Johnson Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Newborn by Jaime Rogl of Jaime Rogl Photography / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Child by Chui King Li of Chui Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Child by Laura Barr of Laura Barr Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Child by Jennifer Sharp of Jennifer Sharp Photography / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Senior by Shannon Weiss of Rustic Bloom Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Senior by Anna Soregui of Anna Sorhegui Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Senior by Kirsi Kilpelainen of LK Photoshoots / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Wedding by Josh Olson of J. Olson Weddings / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Wedding by Lauren McKeown of Lauren McKeown Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Wedding
by Olga Levien of Levien Photography / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Family by Corey Johnson of Corey Johnson Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Family by Allison Craig of Lentille Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Family by Julie Campbell of Julie Campbell Photography / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Birth by Mariah Springs of Mariah Springs Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Birth by Jill Smith of Jill C Smith Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Birth by AnneMarie Hamant of  AnneMarie Hamant Portraits & Stories / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Boudoir by Brent Deitrich of Live View Studios / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Boudoir by Shea Mayberry of Shea Mayberry Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Boudoir by Shea Mayberry of Shea Mayberry Photography / Instagram / Facebook

First Place Maternity by Tashia Potter of Tashia Potter Portrait / Instagram / Facebook

Second Place Maternity by Janese Hockman of  Janese Hockman Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Third Place Maternity by Jaime Rogl of Jaime Rogl Photography / Instagram / Facebook

Mark your calendars now, as our next Lemonade and Lenses Image Competition will be held in August later this year. We’ve already started planning—so tell us what categories you want to see next time around by sending us an email or commenting below! Get your requests in now, to ensure your voice is heard! We have some amazing surprises planned for next time around!

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