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Lauren Feddersen Photography

Lauren Feddersen
Lauren Feddersen Photography
Ripon, CA

Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I got my hands on a camera. Capturing any memory I could was something I found extremely important. It started out when I was 18 years old with taking anniversary photos for my parents, and now, a recent college graduate at 21, I have yet to set my camera down. I have the passion and eye for beauty and I will ensure that those amazing moments of your life will be captured forever.

I have been wanting to capture this gorgeous girl for a while now and we were finally able to get out one evening in June and make it happen. My inspiration for this shoot is not only certifiably gorgeous, but she has such an expressive spirit. A love for antiques and her heritage, I know I had to incorporate her Cherokee side along with this awesome 1800’s antique American flag. Her eyes completely enchant me.

IMG_6362 IMG_6389 IMG_6394 IMG_6443 IMG_6447 IMG_6500 IMG_6501 IMG_6518 IMG_6534 IMG_6576 IMG_6583 IMG_6656 IMG_6695 IMG_6712 IMG_6733 IMG_6745 IMG_6747 IMG_6751 IMG_6758 IMG_6761 IMG_6779 IMG_6783 IMG_6796 IMG_6799 IMG_6807 IMG_6839 IMG_6843 IMG_6856 IMG_6862

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