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Krystal Atkinson Photography

Krystal Atkinson
Krystal Atkinson Photography
Ogden, UT

Meet Ben + Natalie, a fun loving couple who are getting ready to tie the knot in June! We started out this engagement session capturing some tender, playful love and then, when they changed their clothes, we went for more of a vintage, romantic feel. The red dress Natalie is wearing was her grandmother’s. Her grandmother hand-made the dress with her own mother (which would be Natalie’s great grandmother)! They believe it’s the same dress that Natalie’s grandmother got engaged in. Totally sweet, right!? The dress added the perfect touch of sentiment and classiness to the session. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!

KAphotoEngagement-1 KAphotoEngagement-2 KAphotoEngagement-3 KAphotoEngagement-4 KAphotoEngagement-6 KAphotoEngagement-7 KAphotoEngagement-8 KAphotoEngagement-9 KAphotoEngagement-10 KAphotoEngagement-11 KAphotoEngagement-12 KAphotoEngagement-13 KAphotoEngagement-14 KAphotoEngagement-15 KAphotoEngagement-16 KAphotoEngagement-17 KAphotoEngagement-18 KAphotoEngagement-19 KAphotoEngagement-20 KAphotoEngagement-21 KAphotoEngagement-22 KAphotoEngagement-23 KAphotoEngagement-24 KAphotoEngagement-25

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