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Kristen Soileau Portraits

Kristen Soileau
Kristen Soileau Portraits
Baton Rouge, LA

My name is Kristen Soileau and I am the artist behind Kristen Soileau Portraits. Over the past five years, I have strived to make my clients feel loved and beautiful. Being a natural light photographer, I take pride in photographing people in the best found light possible. It is a joy to me to work with so many fantastic families and couples. I specialize in creative weddings and lifestyle portraits.

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t begin to pick a favorite because they are all amazing!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  2. Donna

    Love Love natural light pictures and these are gorgeous, just like the two that posed for them.

  3. Monique Trahan

    Everyone of the pics are beautiful! I love them all! Awesome work!!!

  4. Angela Braxton

    Beautiful Pictures but it was the Natural Beauty of the Young Ladies in them! My Heart is filled with warmth and joy to see the love between Taylor and your daughter. I had the chance to see Taylor grow into such a Beautiful and Wonderful Young Woman also Mother. Congratulations Taylor I’m Proud of you and Love you so much, continue your Journey with God First in your life and Favour. She’s a Carbon Copy of you…
    Hugs and Kisses Aunt Angie!
    P. S. You made my day to call me Aunt Angie, it brought tears to my heart to know you thought that much of me to give me that title, not just Mrs. Angie. but Aunt Angie…Thanks with Lots of Love

  5. DesireƩ Bellard

    My cousins are absolutely stunning! Awesome work Kristen!

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