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Kristen Booth

Kristen Booth
Southern California

I have become great friends with my website designer, Julie Story. We connected online, a few years back, and bonded over our mutual love for tulle, glitter, and all things pink. She ended up building the website of my DREAMS and throughout the process, I got to know her so well. For this shoot, I wanted to give her a magical experience that would make her feel like the princess she is. She is such a ray of sunshine, always encouraging and loving on others and I wanted this shoot to reflect the bit of sparkle she brings to those around her.

Makeup by Ryan Colket
Headpieces by Love Sparkle Pretty

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  1. I have been following your work for a little while now and I love everything about it! Good job keep up with the wonderful work!! :)

  2. Truly stunning images. The location is to die for. The dress and wreath are gorgeous and your friend is beautiful. Beautiful, simple, natural posing works well with the outfit. Amazing work. I love it.

  3. Wonderful location, the fourth image here is the winner for me.

  4. What a wonderful session. All the photos are just beautiful and the styling and location was fantastic. Great job! :)

  5. angela parker

    what a GORGEOUS set of images! would love to know what camera/lens and settings you used for this session. BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Tiffany Hogue

    where is this dress from?

  7. Elizabeth

    Where is this dress from? Could I buy it from somewhere?

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