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kleinerNordfuchs – Fotografin | Germany Stuttgart

Michaela Klose
kleinerNordfuchs – Fotografin
Germany – Stuttgart

To show the moms to be that it is worthwhile to celebrate the photoshoot of the babybelly – this was my starting point. The message of this styled shoot has to be: feel proud, celebrate the love and your beautiful body with the greatest curves ever.

In my head there were this beautiful pregnant woman with wonderful flowers and fine clothes. So I found my model – Anita, my excellent flower lady – Gisela and the talented stylist Sabrina. It was such a wonderful half-day with them – Did I already say how thankful I am? At first I had this idea and in Germany we have the saying “Where there is will, there is a way.” That’s it.

I also got wonderful and fine jewellery from “Juvelan” – to guys who create themself here in Germany.

To wrap the wonderful curves of Anita I choosed real silk and high quality lace from “Sina Fischer Bridal Robes”. Sina create by her own gentle and absolutely beautiful bridal robes – actually for the brides to be for getting ready in the morning. But, please have a look, are these gems?

Imagine you are pregnant and your sensitive skin can be wrapped in real silk. Mmmmh. In my daylight studio we have created a little story around the joyful expectation. So Anita got an intimate photography set with my baroque armchair in golden green velvet. On the little table of marble and brass we created a little still life with body cream, candles, clean water can and a crystal drinking glass.


Hi, I am Michaela, a german photographer for motherhood and all the other themes around it. My style is nordic. I am a huge fan of the scandivian lifestyle and so my photography is restrained in color and mindful for the new life. The name of my business reveals this nordic love – “kleinerNordfuchs” means “little nordic fox”. For 10 years I am in business and I completed an apprenticeship about 3 years, at first. But this season I split up my wedding photography and baby themes in two independent websites. For me and my creativity that was the revelation. I feel pushed up and now I realize ideas I had in my head for years. I’m so thankful to have the best job in the world!

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