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Kirstie Marie Photography

Kirstie Marie Jones
Kirstie Marie Photography
Dallas, TX

Every time I turned my back to grab a lens or load film, Anne-Marie was snapchatting more selfies with her adorable horse Scottie. And I can’t blame her – these two are the definition of ‘picture perfect’! Anne-Marie is a senior from Farmerville, Louisiana, who keeps her paint horse in training in Whitesboro, Texas. Horse showing is a big part of her life, so she wanted some of her senior portraits to include Scottie! Anne-Marie’s smile is infectious. This duo is as kind as they are talented, as sweet as they are beautiful, and as genuine as they are photogenic. After weeks and weeks of rescheduling due to weather, the Texas sun shined bright over this Whitesboro farm, the spring wildflowers were in bloom, and the evening was complete perfection.

Kirstie Marie Photography is a fine art equine photographer located in Dallas, Texas. She uses film and digital cameras to capture the relationship between a girl and her horse.

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