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Kimberly Walla Photography

Kimberly Walla
Kimberly Walla Photography
Piedmont, OK

This was a twenty minute session with my daughter that I am in love with. It is a challenge to capture the joy and carefree nature of a toddler, but finding something they enjoy doing is one way to make that happen. My daughter is pretty much “done” with having me photograph her, so I was pleasantly surprised with this session. I am taking a workshop through Clickin’ Moms titled “Capturing Joy” with Lisa Tichane and I believe that I succeeded with this one. I hope everyone enjoys these images as much as I do.

kimberly walla1 kimberly walla2 kimberly walla3 kimberly walla4 kimberly walla5 kimberly walla6 kimberly walla7 kimberly walla8 kimberly walla9 kimberly walla10 kimberly walla11 kimberly walla12 kimberly walla13 kimberly walla14 kimberly walla15 kimberly walla16 kimberly walla17 kimberly walla18 kimberly walla19 kimberly walla20

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