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Kent Avenue Photography

Kent Avenue Photography
Campbell, CA

The Salas Family: Sydney, Hudson, Addie, Jessie, and Kris; Los Gatos, CA

A Lilac-dusted, Coastal California Winter
So grateful for such a wonderful afternoon with this beautiful photographer and her irresistible family!! They were completely absorbed into the stunning setting – meandering dirt paths along vast open fields that hugged the rugged California coastline, panorama views of the Pacific, brisk December air, pods of pelicans flying overhead, the glorious light of the setting sun, and their gentle, loving family interactions. Needless to say, I was in HEAVEN.

Lifestyle portraiture with a fine art approach to capturing natural light, layered color, and pure emotion! Currently based in the Bay Area and seasonally in beautiful New England, I work primarily with natural light, often against organic backdrops, allowing the warmth and glow to wrap around the subject. With an eye for composition, scale, color, and texture, I set the backdrop and allow the rest to unfold naturally. My goal is to make the client feel comfortable and relaxed. The best pictures are those that slowly unravel during our time together!

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  1. I love this family session! Beautiful environment and a warm, loving family. I also love the soft pastel colors. I’m curious–do you use actions or presets? Or are these homemade? Thank you for your time.


  2. Tara Cronin

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you kind words, I really appreciate it. There were not any actions/presets used for this session. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset that evening which created a bit of a lavender glow on the fields and the rocks by the ocean. It also helped that the rocky areas were quite white which seemed to bounce the light around :) I hope this helps..

    Warm regards,
    Kent Avenue Photography

  3. Jennifer Gamet

    Love this family session! From the setting, awesome lighting and wardrobe. Reminds me of a modern version of the children’s classic “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” with the swishy grass and rocky wall .

  4. I love EVERYTHING about this session. It’s an amazing location and I love how you incorporated the landscape shots throughout the session. The client’s outfits are adorable. I love your soft, gentle processing style …so beautiful.

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