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Kendra Michelle Photography

Kendra Anderson
Kendra Michelle Photography
Longview, Texas

Freezing unique and precious moments in time for people is such a privilege. I chase after natural light, real-life images, organic, and intimate moments we share with loved ones; the everyday stuff of life. I believe the beauty of capturing images this way is that they become a reminder that we should never take those small yet important things for granted. It helps us take a second look at just how beautiful those moments are.

I am Kendra Michelle and have an obsession with the sun and bacon bark (milk chocolate goodness with bacon bits – truly heaven in every bite!). I am totally in love with this engagement session; the sun, location, and Brad + Kassi’s innocent love for each other was priceless to document! My favorite part about their relationship is how they truly are best friends who are head over heels for each other. I’m looking forward to their October wedding!

“Photo” means light and “ography” (or graphe in Latin) means drawing or lines. So the broken down meaning of the word “photography” is drawing with light and the sun is my favorite source. It VERY MUCH adds a dreamy element to the images that makes me very happy and it makes my heart warm!

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