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KCrawford Photography

Kelly Crawford
KCrawford Photography

My name is Kelly Crawford and I am the photography behind KCrawford Photography. I am a stylized photographer. In all my styled shoots I usually am the one to purchase outfits, props and select locations. I work extremely close with my clients usually exchanging over 30 emails and several phone calls if not actually meeting several times before the actual session. I love to make things myself for shoots as I am an avid sewer and restorer. I currently trade my time between living in Paris France with my family and Northern Virginia. I love lying awake at night dreaming of over the top shoots and clients willing to stretch the boundaries. This particular session was inspired by reading my daughter one of her Little Golden Books, Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I completely styled and planned the shoot myself. I purchased the clothing and props and scouted the abandoned house, driving all over Northern Virginia to find the perfect spot. I also made the jam jar chandelier (it is waiting to be relocated to my daughters room). The shoot took only 20 minutes to shoot because we were literally being eaten alive by mosquitoes ha! Talk about motivation, avoiding west nile virus is a good one. I also had several of the shots I wanted burned into my mind from day dreaming about this shoot for so long. I took one of my vintage rocking chairs that I usually used in toddler shoots and bashed it against a tree to create the “broken baby bear chair”. This got Mallory my little model laughing pretty hard which always helps with natural smiles. She actually climbed up to look in the house completely unprompted and I loved it! I am so happy to capture her adventurous spirit and finally have this idea that had over taken my brain out and in front of my eyes.


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