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Katie Myrick Photography

Katie Myrick
Katie Myrick Photography
Elizabeth City, NC

I’m Katie of Katie Myrick Photography based out of Elizabeth City, NC. I specialize in high school senior and lifestyle family photography. On any given day, I have a baby in my lap, another one at my feet, and one at the table doing homework. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three that’s pursuing my dream of running a thriving photography business and pulling shifts in the Emergency Room when I need that extra rush of adrenaline. When I dreamed up this campfire session, I knew I wanted to showcase a family having fun and truly interacting with one another. I believe wholeheartedly that the pictures that mean the most ARE the ones that show true emotion and connection. It took two hours to set up, 400 feet of lights, lots of man power to make happen, and a dedicated person to stoke the fire during the session, AND it was worth every minute. This sweet family had a blast sharing s’mores, loving up on each other, and snuggling by the warm campfire. They were every photographer’s dream to photograph and I’m so thankful to have been able to capture their sweet family moments!

KatieMyrickPhotography_1893 KatieMyrickPhotography_1894 KatieMyrickPhotography_1895 KatieMyrickPhotography_1896 KatieMyrickPhotography_1897 KatieMyrickPhotography_1898 KatieMyrickPhotography_1900 KatieMyrickPhotography_1901 KatieMyrickPhotography_1902 KatieMyrickPhotography_1903 KatieMyrickPhotography_1904 KatieMyrickPhotography_1905 KatieMyrickPhotography_1906 KatieMyrickPhotography_1907 KatieMyrickPhotography_1908 KatieMyrickPhotography_1909 KatieMyrickPhotography_1910 KatieMyrickPhotography_1913 KatieMyrickPhotography_1914 KatieMyrickPhotography_1915

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