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Katie Myrick Photography

Katie Myrick
Katie Myrick Photography
Elizabeth City, NC

I’m Katie of Katie Myrick Photography. I’m from a sleepy little coastal town close to the gorgeous Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’m pretty lucky/crazy to be married to my 5th grade sweetheart and together we have three kiddos that keep our heads spinning, but our feet safely grounded. I specialize in high school seniors and also am the Savvy Social Specialist over at The Snap Society ( I truly believe in paying it forward and helping other photographers grow and learn (because we all started somewhere). Being involved with The Snap Society is my avenue to make a difference in the photography community. I’ve been blessed to have a super supportive group of women photographers in my town that I happen to call my best friends. That gorgeous woman you see below is THE most selfless, loving, gifted photographer, and I am so thankful to call her my friend and know that she has my back. She is most at home with the coastal wind blowing in her hair and the smell of the salty sea in her clothes, so it was only natural that we do her photography head shots there. She is Christina of Christina Forbes Photography (

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