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Kate Suzanne Photography

Katie Shaw
Kate Suzanne Photography
Asheville, NC

I got started on the journalism side of photography working for newspapers as a photographer and writer. I loved capturing the unposed, real-life moments so it was an easy transition when I decided to start my business. Capturing families and kids as they are is what I love. This session is based on an outing with my youngest son and his best buddy right before we moved to Asheville, North Carolina a few weeks ago. It’s just boys being boys…jumping in mud puddles, searching for geo-caches, making silly faces, and having outdoor, “old-fashioned fun.” No electronics, iPods, or cellphones here!

  1. Kate this is adorable! What a fun time you captured of boys doing what they so best!

    (And we are near Fayetteville, NC!)

  2. what a fun session! oh to be a kid again. Boys are so much fun!

  3. Amber Parks

    I have just had a wee look thought your website…your work is beautiful…very inspiring.

  4. Gawgi

    Don’t you wish you could take “best buds” with you when you move. They even share the same toothless smile.

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