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Karen Lippowiths Photography

Karen Lippowiths
Karen Lippowiths Photography, LLC
Howell, MI (metro Detroit)

I have specialized in award-winning lifestyle and fashion photography since 2005.  I work commercially for agencies in New York, Chicago, and Detroit.  I recently did an editorial shoot with Neiman Marcus and my work was featured in Jacq magazine this month.  I bring a strong fashion sensibility to my consumer portrait work (children, family, and seniors), including concept, hair, makeup, wardrobe, and location styling.

The goal of this senior session with Madeline was to heighten reality through elements of vintage fantasy (the 1940s Sears & Roebuck bike and the gramophone).  This particular session is an example of meticulous planning and waiting for just the right light (we rescheduled twice).  I scouted the location, bought the bike and gramophone, borrowed the dress, hired the hair and makeup artist, found and attached the basket, and cut roses an hour before.  It’s also an example of working through the pain.  Little did we know until it was too late that we waded into a field of “stinging nettle,” a plant that when touched to exposed skin, burns like fire then creates a strong “pins and needles” feeling . . . I was numb for a whole 24 hours after.

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