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Kandace Photography

Kandace Gonzalez
Kandace Photography
San Ramon, CA

As a newborn photographer, I strive to capture stunning and precious images for my clients. Sometimes I have wonderfully sleepy babies and sometimes I have very alert and fussy ones. It’s my job as a professional to capture the most precious moments no matter what the circumstance. When I arrived at this clients home (I take the session to the clients home, if they desire) the baby seemed to be out for the day so we were all excited that the session was going to go quick and smooth. Once I set up all my gear things turned around for the little guy. He was fussy and pooping and even peed on dad while changing him! I assured mom and dad that everything was going to work out and I waited patiently while we all tried putting baby back to sleep. Eventually it worked out great and I was able to capture some of the sweetest moments for the family. They were even so happy that they raved about their session on my Facebook page!

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