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Kali Poulsen Photography

Kali Poulsen
Kali Poulsen Photography
Saratoga Springs, UT

My name is Kali and I am a lifestyle photographer based out of northern Utah. I love shooting everything from families to birth stories and weddings, and capturing real life emotion. I got the unique opportunity to shoot a holiday collaboration of fashion bloggers, hair and makeup artists, and a local boutique in this amazing greenhouse growing poinsettias for the upcoming Christmas season. We were so lucky to shoot in such a beautiful location and join forces to showcase so many local talents and businesses.

Floral crowns: Stevi Sherman
Sweaters: Chic Style Boutique
Hair and makeup: Emily Larsen, Denise Christensen, Karlee Strickland, Kaity Myers, Sarah Kendziora, Katie Carver

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