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Kailee Willard Photography

Kailee Willard
Kailee Willard Photography
Walla Walla, WA

I started my business about two years ago and have since fallen in love with senior portrait photography. Sometimes, however, it’s so nice to get out and shoot for myself, which is exactly what this session was. I found this beautiful maroon dress at Goodwill, of all places, and then designed the shoot around it. One of my friends agreed to model for me and after hair, makeup, and throwing some flowers into a crown, we set out to capture some prettiness. Whenever I shoot for myself, I try to step a bit away from my typical style to allow myself to be inspired by whatever I may be shooting. Not only has this helped my creativity, but it also rejuvenates me so that I am ready for the next busy season!

Kailee Willard 01 Kailee Willard 02 Kailee Willard 03 Kailee Willard 04 Kailee Willard 05 Kailee Willard 06 Kailee Willard 07 Kailee Willard 08 Kailee Willard 09 Kailee Willard 10 Kailee Willard 11 Kailee Willard 12 Kailee Willard 13 Kailee Willard 14 Kailee Willard 15

  1. Carol Bond

    BEAUTIFUL! Your pictures are amazing!!

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