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July Sunshine Photography

Julie Dessureault
July Sunshine Photography
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I am originally from Quebec, but moved to Ontario a few months ago. I was trying to get in touch with other French Quebecers living in Ontario. Old friends of mine from Quebec City asked me to cover their third baby delivery, and I was thrilled. Even after being a photographer for so many years, I had never had the opportunity to photograph a birth. It changed a few weeks ago when I received a call at 1:30 am. It was Marie-Eve calling me to say “It’s time!” My heart was beating so fast. I would see a little human being born. What an incredible thing to see and it’s one of the most incredible things I have had the chance to capture. It was a long night, with mixed feelings of seeing someone having so much pain, but also the miracle of life. In a completely photo-journalistic way, this is my way to tell you the story of Emile.

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