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Jon & Moch Photography

Moch Snyder
Jon & Moch Photography
Tacoma, WA

I live in WA and in WA you normally do not have sunny days. When Kayla contacted me for her senior portraits, she mentioned she wanted to do them in April. In my mind I was like, “Oh no, rain…” but as I kept my eye on the forecast I saw some great weather ahead. We had two sessions for her, one was done in complete downpour, then the next was done right before sunset on a SUNNY DAY in APRIL in WA. I truly wanted to capture Kayla when the sun was out because I wanted to show the bright cheerful girl I know her as. If the sun was out, it would be perfect for her!

I am a lifestyle photographer. I mainly photograph weddings and senior portraits, but sometimes I get families and children here and there. :) No matter who I am photographing I want to bring out the beauty in them. Whether they prefer to wear makeup or not, love fashion or simply like to read books, I know there is a beauty that lies in everyone. I believe there is more to photography than taking a good picture. It can speak volumes in ways we cannot explain and I want to help others, especially young ladies and women, to see they truly are beautiful.

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