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Jodi Lynn Photography

Jodi Lynn Buckles
Jodi Lynn Photography
Sonoma County, California

I am a natural-light lifestyle photographer in beautiful Sonoma County, California and one of my favorite things to capture is the pure love and connection between a Mother and her children. This lovely family met me on a mountaintop on a beautiful March day. The wind was blowing gently and the rolling hills were shining bright with magical light. Motherhood is such an immense blessing and I was honored to create these keepsakes for this family. I can only hope that they will look back at these years from now and feel all that love. I am so fortunate to do something that I not only adore, but that can be cherished forever. I am constantly inspired by telling a family’s unique story through my photography.

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  1. Esther

    Wauw, i love these!!! ????

  2. Cindy Gong

    Jodi Lynn Photography is just the best! These images she captured are so dear to my heart. Through her own artistic and mother eyes she captured moments I will always cherish. Kids grow up so fast — and I’ve learned to “be in the pictures” — in that way, they’ll always remember mommy when she still had youth and energy! Jodi does a wonderful job in preserving those moments through her lens. Highly recommend her to anyone needing a family photographer!!

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