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Jessica Slaunwhite Photography | Arlington, Virginia

Jessica Slaunwhite
Jessica Slaunwhite Photography
Arlington, Virginia

This family was so sweet and laid back, and their home felt perfectly serene. With its neutral tones, mix of textures, and soft, diffused light streaming through the windows, each small element worked together just so to create the perfect environment for a lifestyle session, and making my job of capturing this family a dream.
When I finally got to see the film scans, I was so pleased with the tones and with the moments that we captured. Although newborn sessions can often feel chaotic — with frequent feedings, changes, and crying — it’s always a joy to be able to preserve the beautifully quiet memories that happen in the in-between.

There is a feeling you get when you’re looking at an image that has captured an authentic part of someone’s story. It feels like magic, and it feels like love. It feels like a real connection, and not a collection of poses. That feeling is what I strive for every time I pick up my camera and step into a family’s home.

Film is my medium. It gives me that magical feeling before I even press the shutter, and allows me to capture the little details, the sweet gestures, and everything in between with thought and care. I hope that every family I work with feels the same magical feeling every time they look back on their images. I hope they’re brought right back in time to the day and the moment and the love that I captured for them.

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