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Jessica Frint Photography

Jessica Elizabeth Frint
Jessica Frint Photography
Arcata, CA., USA

My name is Jessica Frint & I am a photographer living in the quaint (often called ‘hippy’ town) of Arcata, CA. Originally from the mid-west, I moved here when I was 19, where I then met my best friend, who is now my husband, & we made this our home together. I started shooting with a Canon Rebel when we first had our daughter, just to capture moments of her growing up. This is where the first sparks for photography were ignited for me. Several years later I grew out of that Rebel & upgraded my camera & started doing sessions for friends (or friends of friends). A 3rd camera upgrade later, I couldn’t be more thankful that my journey has led me to where I am now & I am even more excited to see where it goes from here.

This ‘Bun in the Oven’ themed maternity/family session was extra special for me as it was not only for one of my closest friends that I love dearly, but she also happens to be a photographer that I hugely admire (check out to see her work). I was so excited when she came to me with this idea & said she wanted me to photograph it. We had a blast working together collecting props, picking out outfits, shopping through antique & thrift stores together, & rummaging through our current prop stashes to create the vision we had been dreaming up!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these photos even a fraction as much as I enjoyed being able to take them!

L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_1 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_2 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_3 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_4 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_5 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_6 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_7 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_8 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_9 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_10 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_11 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_12 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_13 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_14 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_15 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_16 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_17 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_18 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_19 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_20 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_21 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_22 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_23 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_24 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_25 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_26 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_27 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_28 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_29 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_30 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_31 L&L_JessicaFrintPhotography_32

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