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Jess Legaspi Photography

Jess Legaspi
Jess Legaspi Photography
Goodyear, AZ

I am Jess Pyritz Legaspi, photographer and owner of Jess Legaspi Photography. I believe that every woman desires to feel beautiful. I believe that every woman wants a beautiful photo of herself. Any woman who says they don’t is simply not telling the truth. Beauty is so deeply entwined in our hearts! We want to unveil beauty. Am I lovely? This is a question we long to have answered…I see it in myself, my friends, the women I photograph, and especially in my daughter. Because of this, I want to empower everyday women to feel beautiful in their own skin through stunning portraits and imagery. Now, I know that beauty is not just what’s on the outside – it is about who you are as a woman. It is about your ability to love relentlessly, nurture those around you, and to go on an adventure!

This shoot is one of my favorites to date. My muse for this session is not only insanely stunning, but she has a spirit that won’t give up. She wanted to incorporate her urban, sporty side, as well as her more feminine side. She mentioned that she liked feathers so I just had to make a feather crown for her session. I absolutely adore these images. She has this sorrowful beauty in those big eyes that just captivates me.

JessLegaspi_01 JessLegaspi_02 JessLegaspi_03 JessLegaspi_04 JessLegaspi_05 JessLegaspi_06 JessLegaspi_07 JessLegaspi_08 JessLegaspi_09 JessLegaspi_10 JessLegaspi_11 JessLegaspi_12 JessLegaspi_13 JessLegaspi_14 JessLegaspi_15 JessLegaspi_16 JessLegaspi_17 JessLegaspi_18 JessLegaspi_19 JessLegaspi_20 JessLegaspi_21 JessLegaspi_22 JessLegaspi_23 JessLegaspi_24

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