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Jennifer Morgan Photography

Jennifer Renee Morgan
Jennifer Morgan Photography
Columbus, OH

I met Sam and Hollie in the Red River Gorge on a perfect, partly-sunny afternoon in early November.  They pulled up in a mud-speckled jeep stuffed with climbing gear, hiking boots, and oh yeah, dress clothes and makeup!

I’d met these two on separate occasions through different friends while in the Gorge, and was both surprised and ecstatic to see that they had somehow found each other and were engaged!  They are both fun, highly motivated people with a love for the outdoors and adventure (though I think even Hollie may have been a little nervous when setting up for the Australian rappel kiss!).  As we made our way around the Gorge, I think we must have stopped 20 times because a new and beautiful scene awaited us around every turn.   There’s a change in the air in the Red River Gorge that makes you feel alive and always present in the moment.  I was extremely honored to get to be there with them, celebrating their love for one another, and capturing it through the lens.

I am a Columbus-based wedding photographer who is in love with love, photography, and traveling.

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