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Jenni Kupelian Photographs

Jenni Kupelian
Jenni Kupelian Photographs
Portland, Oregon

The Session:

Below you’ll find a family session that took place in a woodland nook near the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon — shot entirely on film! The morning light was golden and illuminated all the lush plant life, leaving lots of natural, organic details. The young family on camera are the creatives behind Hunting Ground Films – they sold everything and recently moved to Oregon to pursue their dream on a leap of faith! Their little girl, Cedar, toddled around on the mossy forest floor with her stuffed animal, exploring and enjoying the day. Rather than bring in a lot of styling or props, we simply allowed the terrain and nature to be our inspiration…and more than anything, the warmth and love this little family has for each other.

The Photographer:

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I meet so many people. The number one issue clients bring up is that they don’t feel worthy of the camera – they feel too flawed. My number one goal is to help people relax in front of the camera and celebrate the heirlooms they are creating. I believe everyone is worthy of beautiful photographs.

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