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Jenna Henderson, Photographer

Jenna Henderson
Jenna Henderson, Photographer
Nashville, TN

It was a crisp 18 degrees the afternoon we photographed Stephanie’s gorgeous maternity session. This was our third pregnancy to shoot maternity pictures together, so we wanted to make it fabulous. Stephanie simply glows when she’s pregnant. She was such a trooper dealing with the cold in this thin dress. If you look closely, might be able to see her breath in a shot or two! We managed to get her maternity session in just in the nick of time. Sweet Emmeline was born less than a week later!

I’ve been a full time wedding and portrait photographer for the past nine years. I love images that are fresh, timeless, and genuine. Many of my weddings and sessions (including this one) are shot with 35mm film.

JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity01 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity02 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity03 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity04 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity05 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity06 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity07 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity08 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity09 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity10 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity11 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity12 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity13 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity14 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity15 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity16 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity17 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity18 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity19 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity20 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity21 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity22 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity23 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity24 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity25 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity26 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity27 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity28 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity29 JennaHenderson_LaceMaternity30

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